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Probably the Best PR-event of 2022

Our northern neighbors have a wonderful village called Koskenkorva, where vodka bearing the same name is produced. Each year, memorable events take place in the Koskenkorva Village offering participants the opportunity to go to forest hikes, berry picking take part of workshops, and end enjoy good food and drink. This event has become one which many hope to get an invitation to.

ABOUT YOU launch in Estonia - our largest influencer campaign

In Spring, ABOUT YOU, launched its new online shop in Estonia. PR Strategies was a local partner.  

Preparation is the key to surviving a crisis

PR Strategies team carried out an exciting training day for the employees of Akzo Nobel Baltics AS in order to increase their preparedness to manage possible crises.

How an Estonian IT-company became my favourite client

Helena Peterson, PR Strategies' strategic consultant writes about how a company she had never heard of before redefined her understanding of a PR-partnership.

Summer of 2019 rolled away on a bike

This summer we teamed up with sports equipment brand Hawaii Express and collaborated on a social media campaign to encourage more people to swap cars for bikes.