An event that took its participants to the moon

In September, we had the privilege of hosting 85 members of the Young President Organization (YPO) during their visit to Estonia. Together with our local members, we meticulously organized a three-day program in Tallinn.

Usually, the client approaches our agency with a comprehensive brief and hands over all responsibilities. However, this time was different. We worked closely with the client, and the event became a collaboration from start to finish. Our local members, with 12 years of experience within the organization, had an intimate understanding of each other and the participants' expectations for such an event.

The development of the event plan proved to be the most time-consuming process. This global network comprises business owners and leaders of international companies, collectively holding over 25% of the global assets. They are seasoned attendees of inspirational and networking events held four times a year, frequently traveling for both business and leisure. Meeting their expectations was a formidable challenge.  One thing was certain - the guests had to experience a memorable weekend in Tallinn unlike anything one could experience as a regular tourist visiting the city.

After numerous discussions, we decided to focus on Tallinn's picturesque seaside location, its stunning views of the old town, educational entertainment, and cyber security. We even made the audacious promise of sending our guests into space – a promise we fulfilled.

To kick things off, we created an event invitation video in collaboration with ChatGPT, featuring a popular country song, local YPO members, and the beautiful sights of Tallinn. The invitation was unveiled during a YPO event in Oslo and led to a swift surge in registrations.

Fast forward to September, during the three days in Tallinn, our esteemed guests had the opportunity to watch the film "Chasing Unicorns" and engage with its filmmaker. They also had an exclusive opportunity to experience the majestic sound of Ed Sheeran on a powerful organ within the confines of a church. Our guests visited the Estonia Piano Factory, renowned for crafting world-famous instruments costing tens of thousands of euros.

Moreover, we offered our guests a unique chance to gain insights into cyber threats and test their hacking skills at the CR14 foundation. They dined at Tuljak, one of Estonia's finest restaurants, and were treated to a humorous overview of Estonian history by British writer Neil Taylor. They even competed in music writing, allowing the talented ERSO musicians to perform the best pieces.

Our guests had the privilege of sitting in the seats of local deputies in the Parliament of Estonia, listening to Luukas Kristjan Ilves. They climbed Tall Hermann, enjoyed the beauty of Tallinn by riding double-decker buses, which served as the official transport for the event, and embarked on a medieval city tour. To cap it all off, they partied on the sandy shores of Teras Beach, transformed into an outer space-themed wonderland. Here, they marvelled at Jaan Roose's gravity-defying slackline performance.

The evening's highlight was the world premiere of renowned film producer Torsten Hoffmann's documentary on the space market, followed by a thought-provoking discussion. To connect with the space theme, each guest had the opportunity to provide a DNA sample, which would be sent to the moon alongside group photos on the next Lifeship mission. This truly embodied thinking outside the box.

The evening, and indeed the entire event, concluded with a drumming masterclass. The rhythmic beats of 85 participants combined with DJ rhythms created a party atmosphere illuminated by a dazzling light show.

These thrilling three days in Tallinn received the highest average rating from the YPO members, and accolades continued to pour in for our organizing team even a week later. Once again, we had the privilege of delving into the world of events, and it's safe to say we thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it!