Every organization has a story to tell, no matter which sector it operates in, how big or small it is and no matter if “clients” are consumers, businesses, the government or other target groups. Our job and passion is to package this story into the best format for it to be be understood and create impact.

It is often thought that communication means sending messages through the media. Actually our field of work is much wider and every client's “communication package” is custom-made.

In addition to composing marketing and corporate news, we support our clients by creating communication strategies and carrying out audits, organizing events for journalists, clients or teams and manage internal communication. In addition we organize media communication training, help our clients prevent and solve crisis situations, plan and manage social media communication and develop sponsorship projects that comply with the main values of the company.

Before beginning our activities we generally try to identify the main goal of the company, its operating environment and its most important target group. Such a strategic view helps us choose the most influential way to get the message across. It doesn’t matter if our work results in wide media publicity, spirited event or a good deed for someone in need – every step has to reflect the story the company wishes to tell to its target group.

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