About us

Our Story

The history of one of the youngest PR companies in Estonia actually goes back over 20 years, when international PR company Hill and Knowlton Eesti started operating in Estonia.

Although during the years, the company has seen changes in the management as well as staff, the main values and strengths have remained the same over decades – uppermost professionalism in serving clients, international grasp and high ethical standards, that apply to the agency, cooperation partners and clients as well.

Hill and Knowlton operates in hundreds of countries all over the world and in addition to the offices in the property of the company, the clients of the group are also served by agencies operating according to affiliate contracts.

In 2015 after years of discussions and negotiations the decision was made that Estonian and Latvian offices will continue operating as independent agencies, belonging to H+K agencies group as partner agencies. So in spring 2015 Hill and Knowlton Eesti AS team became PR Strategies OÜ  communication agency, owned by former Hill and Knowlton CEO and Strategic Consultant Inge Rumessen and Senior Consultant Helena Peterson.

PR Strategies OÜ offers services to all of the former Hill and Knowlton Eesti AS clients. Most of them are international companies who are served in cooperation with Latvian and Lithuanian partner agencies.