Media Relations

For years, many theorists have been talking about the decrease in the importance of traditional media compared to social media. We as practitioners can confirm that the traditional media and effectively planned media relations are still triumphing.

Managing social media and supporting social media relations is a service that we provide the most, but it never gets boring neither for us nor our clients. Just like we as newspaper and news portal readers are looking for some variety, we also do our best so that the articles, news pieces and interviews we initiate offer variety, new perspectives, new spokespersons and most importantly the human approach needed in the media texts.

Humanity is crucially important for us in media relations – we respect the person who has a story to tell as well as the journalist who mediates the story to the public and whose professional reputation depends on how well the articles engages the audience. Our goal is to connect these two needs and create good product news, interesting interviews and opinion articles, exciting articles about tips, fun consumer games and also critical publications on socially relevant topics, thorough discussions about business sector problems,possible solutions etc.

We can help you with media relations if you:
- need support in composing media texts and answering to media inquiries
- wish to create a dialogue through media with the opinion leaders in your field
- wish to introduce a product or service to your clients
- are planning an awareness campaign to cover a relevant topic more widely
- are planning to organize a press conference
- wish to train the spokespersons of your organization
- want to analyze the effectiveness of your current media relations
- need support with managing media relations in a crisis situation
- need some other advice and support in managing media relations