Crisis Communication

A company being honest and hard-working is not always enough to prevent a crisis – crisis occurs even in the work of the most outstanding organizations because no one is completely protected from the mistakes that are made due to human factor or other failures that cannot be foreseen.

In order to avoid destroying a reputation that has taken years to build, one must prepare for a crisis. Companies that are facing big changes in the near future should be especially thorough in preparing for the crisis and taking preventive measures.

Crisis communication means defining and managing the risks that are connected to the activities and media relations of the company, the rehearsal of the crisis situation and other activities that help to prevent the escalation of the situation and ensure effective action during crisis situation. History has proven that skillful communication during crisis period can even  turn the crisis into business success.

In crisis situation the most important factor is time, which is why we are prepared to help our clients 24/7 when it comes to an emergency. But most importantly we help develop an action plan for after the reputation crisis that supports the company in regaining the trust of their target groups and partner organizations.

We can help you with our crisis communication expertise, if you:
- would like to define the risks in your organization's operation and to manage them
- need crisis communication training or simulation for your team
- want to compose a handbook for crisis communication for your organization
- need operative support in solving a crisis situation
- need help after crisis to regain your reputation