Social Media

The number of companies that question the need of social media is decreasing year-by-year. Facebook pages and other social media channels are not anymore only beneficial for the companies working in the field of consumer communication. Also banks, consultation businesses, building companies, lobby-organizations, government offices – everyone has their own topics to discuss with their followers and fans in social media. and appearing in social media.

Social media creates a unique opportunity to be constantly present where one's target group is. This highly organic environment makes companies more vulnerable than ever before, but with its openness and 24h information changing environment, the benefit that comes from it is far more valuable.

Therefore we help our clients manage social media relations – creating social media pages, generating content plans and managing the pages daily. At the same time we advise our clients when a reputation crisis strikes in social media that could eventually expand far wider than just one post.

Contact us if you:
- are thinking about launching a social media site for your organization
- want to compose social media strategy and “rules of behavior” for your employees before launching a social media site
- need training in social media relations
- need our help with developing social media plans and administrating the page
- need interesting ideas on how to create good content and gain new followers with engaging posts
 - want to discuss other questions regarding social media