Hill+Knowlton Strategies Employees Continue as an Independent Agency

Communication agencies network Hill+Knowlton Strategies that belongs to the international WPP Group has changed its global business strategy and will continue operating based on affiliate contracts in smaller markets.

PR Strategies shareholders will be Inge Rumessen, the founder of the agency and Helena Peterson, Senior Consultant.

“We see this as an excellent opportunity to create an agency that we ourselves can benefit from,” said Inge Rumessen, CEO of the agency. “The current team of Hill+Knowlton Strategies has proved to be a professional and valuable communications partner for local as well as international clients. I’m glad that they have trusted us and will continue working with us in the new agency.”

Inge Rumessen started as an economic journalist in the business daily Äripäev. After that she was responsible for the communication management of Eesti Post and for the editorial board of EPL Ärileht. She joined Hill+Knowlton five years ago and since 2011 has been the Board Member of the agency.

Helena Peterson joined the agency in spring 2012. Before that she has worked as a Head of Communication of the Confederation of Trade Unions, Managing Director of Rull&Rumm PR agency and has lead public relations of the Border Guard Agency.

Consultants Liina Zereen, Kerstin Sonts and Heldi Ruiso with a diverse background in the communications field will continue working in the new agency.

The goal of PR Strategies is to offer professional PR full service from designing communication strategies to developing and implementing creative ideas, at the same time being a trustworthy partner in solving crisis situations. For us it is important to follow our main values – be ethical, trustworthy and thorough in our work.

There are 87 PR agencies in 49 countries that are working under Hill+Knowlton Strategies name or with an affiliate contract. Agencies cooperate closely in serving mutual clients and share their experiences and ideas.

Hill+Knowlton Strategies wishes to continue operating on the basis of affiliate contracts in Estonia as well as in Latvia. In Lithuania the affiliate cooperation has been successfully implemented for years.