Family-friendly employers were rewarded

PR Strategies was honoured to plan and carry out communication activities around the Family Friendly Employer’s Program organised by the Ministry of Social Affairs.

More and more employees expect their employers to support their interests and individualities which means that family-friendly employers who share these values have a huge competitive advantage. To draw attention to the family-friendly culture in labour relations and to raise awareness among employers about the importance of the topic, the Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs and its partners have established the Family Friendly Employer’s Program. This year our team had the exciting task of gathering the positive experiences of family-friendly companies that were awarded last year and encouraging more organisations to take part of the project.


During the project we managed the media relations to introduce the topic to the public, created content for the project’s official blog, supported the ministry in organizing the program meetings in Estonia’s two biggest cities Tartu and Tallinn and helped plan and carry out the award ceremony.