People waiting in line hundreds of meters to get McDonald’s burgers

On May 16 a big popup open air restaurant was opened in Rotermann City, where a couple of thousand people came to eat free gourmet burgers. The fact that McDonald’s was actually the producer of the burgers was kept as a secret and all the guests confirmed that burgers this good could not be available in any Estonian fast food restaurants.

In the end of the event, the guests were surprised to find out that these 100% veal meat grill burgers were made by non-other than McDonald’s.

Already next week, on May 20 McDonald’s celebrated its 20th anniversary in Estonia. Therefore four simultaneous birthday parties were organized in four different McDonald’s restaurants in Estonia. The parties lasted for 20 minutes during which all guests could receive free Big Mac burger, fries or milkshake for free. Young people were invading the restaurants in Tallinn, Tartu, Narva and Pärnu long before the event started and filled the surrounding parking lots and streets.

The longest line was formed at Tartu Turu street McDonald’s, where two separate lines reached Statoil and the other one Zeppelin center parking lot. To keep the birthday celebrations under control, police had to come and coordinate the situation.

Of course the media was delighted by the birthday action and we were happy about the great coverage in online media, social media, print media and TV. McDonald’s Estonian Facebook page gained over 10 000 new followers during that week.