Fazer gave three well-known Estonians their chocolate portrait

On the 5th of October, Fazer’s charity event took place at Viru Shopping Center in Tallinn during which chocolate portraits were painted of three Estonian celebrities – Tanja Mihhailova-Saar, Anni Rahula and Teele Viira.

PR Strategies team organized Fazer's 125th anniversary celebration and during this event three artists - Karl Markus Antson, Maria Sidljarevitš and Alina Orav - painted chocolate portraits of three famous and respected Estonian women.

The paintings were given as gifts to the models and after the event, the photo of the paintings started to gather donations on Facebook – for each 125 shares Fazer gave one kilo of sweets to the Estonian Association of Large Families.

Aage Õunap, the CEO of the Estonian Association of Large Families also participated in the event and expressed her gratitude to those who supported large families with a donation during and after the event.

As the event was organized in connection with Fazer's 125th anniversary, all the guests had a chance to try the brand new Fazer Desserts - La Choco, La Almond and La Caramel – made with natural whipped cream. The visitors ate a total of 50 kilos of Fazer Desserts and 5000 candies were given to the participants during the event.

Photos by Aron Urb