Raising awareness on work safety

PR Strategies planned and carried out a public awareness campaign to help the Labour Inspectorate draw the public’s attention to workplace accidents that can be avoided with providing proper guidance to workers.


According to statistics, such accitents occur 14 times a day in Estonia. In 2017, there were 5184 accidents that could have been prevented by providing proper instructions. With our support the Labour Inspectorate helped the workers and employers realise the importance of training and instructions in preventing workplace accidents. The goal of the project was to increase the number of people seeking advice from the Labor Inspectorate and to support the image of the Labor Inspectorate as a trustworthy counselor.


To engage employers, we set up a Work Safety Instruction Week campaign in cooperation with the Corporate Social Responsibility Forum. About 50 companies participated in this project by organising a safety training during the campaign week and sharing photos and witty examples of hazardous situations on the projects Facebook page. We shared the success stories in TV, radio, online and print media as well as social media deliver the serious message of the campaign in a positive tone. The spokespersons of this campaign included experts from the Labour Inspectorate, Estonian Federation of Trade Unions, Estonian Employers' Confederation and from the Forum of Responsible Entrepreneurship.


The follow-up study showed that 55% of the employers interviewed and 57% of the employees noticed the campaign. 84% of managers and 81% of employees liked it. 6% of the people interviewed confirmed they will carry out an instruction event in the near future.


The campaign earned PR Strategies the Bronze Egg in the Public Sector Communications category at the Estonian Advertising Festival “Golden Egg Award”.